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Cloud Accounting

展群CK ® and CowEasy (online accounting platform confiured by Hong Kong Accountants) achieve stratgeic partnership where clients of 展群CK ® can choose CowEasy and obtain extra discount

CowEasy is a group of professionals engaged in accounting, information technology, taxation and other fields composed of professional personnel.  As CowEasy has accumulated many years of experience from users around the world to design and develop the overall platform of the application process concept, hence, CowEasy offers user friendly interface. CowEasy 應aims to provide easy accounting experience for clients without accounting knowledge.

CowEasy】cloud platform features:

  • Limitless geographical login - users can be in different places, including companies or other locations, Hong Kong or any overseas place

  • Support multi-user operation simultaneously - Multiple users can interact with the company's business in real time through different permissions, in cloud mode at the same time

  • Support for computer or mobile device operations without the need of installation - can be logged in via computers and mobile

  • Simple operation, real-time support - user-friendly interface, no accounting knowledge required. Provide online support services to solve problems immediately

  • System and data security - SSL system encrypted login, daily automatic cloud data backup, to ensure data security


For further information, please contact 展群CK ®:
a. Phone at (852) 3502 7392
b. Whatsapp at (852) 5227 924

c. Email at

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