High-Tech Enterprises

Recognition of High-Tech Enterprises

According to the "Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China", High-Tech Enterprises are entities who continuously developing research and development and transformation of technological achievements in China's key high-tech fields and forming their own core intellectual property rights. Based on this, High-Tech Enterprises carry out production and business activities in China (excluding those in Hong Kong, Taiwan region) where PRC resident enterprises registered for more than one year

There are 3 major benefits for recognition of High-Tech Enterprises

1. Tax concessions under preferential tax policies

High-Tech Enterprises can enjoy preferential Corporate Tax Rate of 15% (reduced from 25%)

2. Increase corporate valuation

High-Tech Enterprises attract preferential policies and financial support from local governments and industry organizations.  Further,  High-Tech Enterprises are also attractive to venture capital institutions and financial institutions, so as to promote rapid scalability and commercialization

3. Enhancement of corporate image

Indicating the management team has a strong sense of innovation, a higher ability to market development and management level. Indicating that enterprises are China's key support for the growth of high-growth enterprises, with good potential economic benefits

The following are recognizable areas for High-Tech Enterprises:

1.      Electronic information technology (software, integrated circuits)

2.      Biology and new medical technology

3.      Aerospace Technology

4.      New material technology (nano-products, superconductors)

5.      High-tech service industry (modern logistics)

6.      New energy and energy-saving technologies (LED lights application, new energy vehicles)

7.      Resources and Environment Technology (Sewage Treatment, Pollution Reduction, "Zero Emission")

8.      Advanced manufacturing and automation (robotics)

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