Tax and Company
related legal services

Legal services will be referred to "Law Firm" (Notaries Public services and China-Appointed Attesting Officers):

Legal services including:

  • Drafting of transfer of companies, businesses or shares documents

  • Provision of Legal Due Diligence reports and opinion for merger and acquisition

  • Provision of legal opinion and drafting of agreement on company restructuring, eg: Weighted voting rights

  • Provision of legal opinion over shareholder rights, including distribution right, voting right, amendment of shareholder agreement, preparation of share option scheme

  • Restoration of Hong Kong and overseas entities (BVI, Cayman) for stroke off entities and get back frozen assets

  • Application of tax-exempted status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance

  • Drafting of commercial contracts, including shareholders agreement, partnership agreement, franchise agreement, sale agreement, distribution agreement, etc

  • Resolving Hong Kong and PRC conflicts arising from Intangible Properties

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