Notaries Arrangement

Legal services will be referred to "Law Firm" (Notaries Public services and China-Appointed Attesting Officers):

China-Appointed Attesting Officers


Common documents that need attestation include:


  • Business Registration Certificate

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Annual Return - NAR1

  • Incorporation Form - NNC1

  • Board of meetings minutes

  • Company information

  • Director resolution

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement for properties,

  • Mortgage for properties

  • 「CEPA Supplements」


China-Appointed Attesting Officers will pass the attested documents to China Legal Service (HK) Ltd for sealing and transfer delivery,attested documents become valid and legally binding in PRC after sealing and transfer delivery


Notaries Public


Notaries Public services include preparation, sign off and certify of legal documents for overseas usage.  For documents sourced from Hong Kong but used in PRC requires China-Appointed Attesting Officers to sign off.

Notaries Public services include:

  • Witness the signatory of Purchase and Sale Agreement of overseas properties

  • Certify personal documents for immigration or heritance purposes

  • Certify company, commercial and business documents (international trade or setting up of overseas companies)

  • Certify and notarized records for business transactions

  • Oath and witness statements

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