展群CK ® Trademark application

展群CK ® - prior to application of Trademark

展群CK ® offers the following Trademark services:

  • Free and preliminary trademark search

  • Advanced and complete trademark search, to ensure no obtstacles for similar Trademark

  • Free registration strategy advice, increase the chance of sucess

  • Design of Trademark services

  • Free products or services advice on Trademark categories =

展群CK ® application fee

Same Trademark

First category           HK$3,600

Subsequent categories   HK$2,200

Documents required

1. Applicant name and address

2. Identification documents:Business Registration Certificate (Company), HKID / Passport (Individual)

3. Trademark imgae (300dpi above)

4. Detailed products / services listing

Approval time​

Approval time:around 6-8 months

Announcement:3 months since registration



Valid for 10 years and can be renewed for another 10 years

Subsequent to Tradmark application

  • Advice on the needs of re-registration of Trdemark after modification of logo

  • Regular review of un-registered Trademark for other categories and countries

  • Adopt "Global Trademark Monitoring" services, to get notification of similar Trademark that would be registered globally

  • Consider to file the Trademark to Custom to reduce the chance of infringement


For further information, please contact 展群CK ®:

a. Phone at (852) 3502 7392
b. Whatsapp at (852) 5227 9242

c. Email at

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